atland and after


Background to the Watercolour

These megalithic stones with a laboriously crafted circular hole are usually found in association with mortuary monuments, and are believed to be associated not only with death, but also with birth, and it is in the sense of birth, that such a stone is presented here, with a glimpse of the marvels of Celtic art appearing beyond. It should be stressed that it is only recently that it has been possible to suggest that Celtic culture and its art was an offspring of the megalithic culture. The two objects which I have selected to represent Celtic art are: part of a stand for, it is said, a wooden jug, of bronze dated at 3rd century BC, from Moravia, displayed at the Moravské Museum, Brno; and a display helmet, made of iron, bronze, gold, silver and coral, dated at 4th century BC, from the Charente, France, displayed at the Museum of the Archeological and Historical Society, Angôulême.  Both objects are illustrated in Les Celtes, published on the occasion of the exhibition, ‘The Celts’, in Venice, 1991. The strange head from the stand has been considerably enlarged, and the decorative pink affair, hanging down from the helmet is, of course, the ear guard.             See more of my work at         |         © 2004-2014 Guy Gervis        |        design by SYLVANUS