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Biography - Guy Gervis


Guy Gervis, born in 1931, went to Sherbourne school and studied Architecture at Cambridge University and the Architectural Association, and he also qualified as a Town Planner. He worked for the London County Council as both an Architect and Town Planner for four years and was then awarded a Leverhulme Travel Fellowship to Brazil, where he stayed for over a year, and made a tour of other Latin American countries making a study of favella type housing. He was a Visiting Lecturer at the University at Kumasi, in Ghana, and carried out a consultant planning project in the diamond area of Sierra Leone.
He ran a single handed architectural practice in London for nearly thirty years. His second wife bought an old farmhouse in Burgundy, as a holiday home, which was where he developed his habit of doing watercolours in the open air. His architectural practice was closed in 1993, and they moved down to Burgundy where he continued to paint, has shown his watercolours widely in France, and is an Associate Member of the Société des Artistes Français. Painting ‘in the bush' like that leads to a sharp perception of nature which is tending to disappear from our culture, and led, in his case, to a growing interest in prehistoric cultures. Two of the books cited in ‘The Megaliths and After' were circulating among friends, and sparked off his explorations. This led to much reading, and a seven year gestation period for the ideas which are presented.         |         © 2004-2014 Guy Gervis       |        design by SYLVANUS